A true tale four years in the making.

20 01 2015

So, the funny thing is that I just noticed I made this home page and chose this blog name in 2010. January 2010. It seems that constantly thinking about something is not the same as actually doing it. Who knew? The world of blogging seems to have blown up in the mean time, and I am forced to ask myself this, why did I want to start a blog to begin with. The main answer is that I thought it would be funny. Do I mean I thought I would be funny? Do I mean that the idea of having a blog is funny? Short answer to that is the second. Who am I to have a blog? Do I have anything to even add to the world of snacks that hasn’t been said yet? Do I still care about snacks? It’s been four years after all. The answer to that is that yes I do love snacks. no, I don’t love them enough to blog about them all the time. So where does that leave us in this long rambling first post of things? Apparently, it leaves us with a lot of questions, which is how I find myself every minute of every day anyway. So I think that what this blog is going to try and be about is making steps forward to answer some of those questions and in fact making steps forward to make steps forward. Also, there will probably be snacks, I have a long way to go after all.




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