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27 01 2015

So, creative post titles may not be my forte….

Things of note about today. My oldest child refused to go to school again. The stress caused me to go shopping, again. Also, I am fairly certain I am gluten intolerant.

The oldest child not going to school is a new thing. It was always my younger child who had refused to go. I fear he may have set a bad example. The old one is suffering this year though and I’m not sure how to help her.

Shopping is my go to for stress relief. It used to be nothing. I wasn’t really stressed but life piles up and it needs an outlet, so I shop. Today I bought a new pair of trainers, justified by their blackness. I also bought way too many groceries, again. Apparently, I just love throwing out food. I’m always throwing out food. Meal planning is one of my 2015 goals. (The other person who lives in my head just cackled wildly as I typed that she doesn’t think it will happen.)

As for the gluten thing. I almost hate to even write it down. Its such a hot topic right now. However, I am noticing a lot of digestion problems directly related to what i just ate so……heres my plan. I’m going to do another whole 30. I did one last January/February and afterwards I felt pretty good. This time I will do it as an elimination diet and see about adding things back in way more slowly. The main issue is that I hate meat. Seriously, I don’t like the taste, the texture, but more importantly the idea of eating my friends. I don’t really eat mammals already, except on very rare occasions. It makes a whole 30 is somewhat tricky for me. Lots of fish, eggs, fruit and veg on the menu I guess.

This is the little truant, in case you wanted a face for the story. She looks innocent doesn’t she?





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